About HiNT

Founded in 2016 to help the millions of people who suffer from strokes every year. HiNT stands for Healthcare Innovation in NeuroTechnology and we are developing a wearable point-of-care monitoring device that detects when patients at high-risk are having a stroke. The device is a comfortable, wearable headband that will alert patients, caregivers, and emergency services in the case of a stroke.


Our Value Proposition

Early Detection of Stroke

Peace of Mind

Better and Faster Recovery


Stroke Detection Device

A comfortable wearable device that harnesses EEG technology to monitor high-risk patients and detect when a stroke occurs

The HiNT mobile app is connected to the wearable device. Not only will it notify the patient, their caregiver, and emergency services in the event of a stroke, but it also allows the patient to call for help and track the location of the ambulance en route



Kairos is a medical platform to improve the communication between the medical team and emergency response team minimizing the time wasted and providing patient with treatment in a timely manner.


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