What we do

We are developing a wearable point of care device that will alert high risk patients, their caregivers and their medical support team when they are having a stroke in their sleep.

Early Stroke Detection

Patients will be alerted and woken up in case of a stroke during sleep.

Fast Recovery

By allowing patients to receive treatment faster, our device will give them better chances of fast recovery.

Immediate Help

Patients will be woken up while emergency services rush to transport them to a hospital.

Long Term Savings

Stroke victims recognize too late that they are suffering from a stroke, which can result in death, years of rehabilitation, and billions of wasted dollars.

Ahmed Elmeligi

Ahmed is an electrical and biomedical engineer with experience in signal processing and developing medical hardware.

Jacob Jackson

Jacob is a physicist with signal processing and medical research experience in the field of stroke.

Nawal Behih

Nawal is leading the product design with experience in software methodologies and engineering design.

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